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Emergency Dental Care
in La Habra, CA

Emergency Dental Care
in La Habra, CA

Regular dental hygiene is key to preventing emergencies, but accidents happen. Smooth Dental in La Habra, CA, led by Dr. Tran, offers swift and reliable emergency dental care for families, especially for children prone to accidents during play or sports.


Urgent Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies strike unexpectedly, especially for children involved in active play. From sports injuries to cracked teeth from biting ice, our team at Smooth Dental is here to provide immediate relief and repair.

Why Choose Us for Emergency Dental Care?

Why Choose Us for Emergency Dental Care?

Personalized Care

Benefit from our team’s familiarity with your dental history for tailored and efficient treatment.

Prompt Weekday Appointments

Contact us for swift appointments during weekdays, ensuring timely care.

Urgent Visits

Outside regular hours, we prioritize urgent visits to relieve discomfort and provide interim guidance.

Experienced Team

Trust our skilled team at Smooth Dental for expert emergency care.

Comfort & Relief

Experience relief from dental emergencies with our compassionate and effective approach.

Interim Support

We offer guidance and support between visits, ensuring you’re cared for throughout your emergency.

Depending on Your Needs

We Offer Different Types of Dental Implants

We Offer Different Types of
Dental Implants

Depending on your situation or needs, Dr. Tran has a variety of customizable dental implant solutions that may fit your needs. Schedule a consultation to see how dental implants can rerstore your smile.


Single Tooth Implants

Dental implants replace damaged or missing teeth with titanium posts mimicking natural roots. Surgically inserted into the jawbone, they fuse with the bone through osseointegration, providing stability. This foundation supports crowns, bridges, or dentures.


All on 4 Implants

Discover All-on-4 Dental Implants. Supported by extensive research, this innovative treatment is highly effective. Unlike traditional dental implants, All-on-4 requires only four strategically placed implants for a full set of teeth making for a stronger and healthier smile.


All on 6 Implants

We offer full upper or lower teeth restoration with fixed dental bridges, replacing up to 10 or 12 teeth in one procedure. Using premium materials, we ensure lasting durability. Our methods include All-on-4 implants or full mouth dental implants for a complete smile transformation.


Denture Implants

Denture implants use titanium posts in the jawbone to support dental restorations, acting like natural roots. This durable solution maintains bone structure and facial appearance, giving patients a comfortable and natural-looking option for missing teeth.


Common Dental Emergencies

Recognizing urgent situations isn’t always easy. Severe pain, knocked-out teeth, or abscesses demand immediate attention to prevent complications. At Smooth Dental, we address various emergencies, including unexplained pain, lost fillings, bleeding gums, and more. Contact us promptly for evaluation and treatment.

About The Procedure


Over-the-counter remedies may not suffice for toothaches. Contact Smooth Dental for immediate relief and guidance. If unable to reach us immediately, consider self-care measures like pain medication, saltwater rinses, or cold packs. Always consult with Dr. Tran or our team before attempting home remedies to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Post-procedure insights

What To Expect After Dental Filling Procedure

Following dental filling placement, adopt proper post-operative care practices to optimize healing and minimize discomfort. Maintain good oral hygiene by gently brushing and flossing, avoiding direct contact with the treated area.

Avoid strenuous activities, smoking, and consuming hard or sticky foods that could dislodge or damage the filling. Take any prescribed pain medications or antibiotics as directed by your dentist to manage discomfort and prevent infection.

Attend scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor healing and address any concerns. Gradually resume normal eating habits and activities as healing progresses, but continue to be mindful of the treated area.

By diligently following these post-operative care instructions, you can ensure a smooth recovery process and minimize the risk of complications, allowing you to enjoy improved oral health and comfort in the long term.

Did you know?

Fun Dental Fact

Did you know that the average person spends around 38.5 days brushing their teeth over their lifetime? That’s a lot of time dedicated to dental hygiene!

Features & Benefits

Why Choose Smooth Dental for Dental Veneers?

Why Choose Smooth Dental for
All-On-6 Dental Veneers?

Before and After dental Bonding


Dr. Tran and the Smooth Dental team specialize in sleep apnea treament, ensuring precise and effective treatment.



Smooth Dental utilizes state-of-the-art sleep apnea treatment techniques and materials for optimal results and patient satisfaction.



Each patient receives tailored sleep apnea solutions, aligning with their unique cosmetic goals and oral health needs.



With Smooth Dental’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, patients can enjoy long-lasting outcomes.

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Experience unparalleled dental care with Smooth Dental. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every smile receives the attention it deserves. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tran, where expertise meets compassion. From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, our personalized approach guarantees your comfort and satisfaction. Trust Smooth Dental for a brighter, healthier smile.

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Contact Us For
More Information

At Smooth Dental in La Habra, CA, guided by Dr. Tran's expertise, our team is here to help you in any way we can with your oral health needs! Give us a call today (562) 694-4800.

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