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Dental Crowns & Bridges
in La Habra, CA

Dental Crowns & Bridges
in La Habra, CA

Dental crowns and bridges at Smooth Dental in La Habra, CA, offer effective solutions for restoring missing or damaged teeth. Crowns cover and protect weakened teeth, while bridges replace missing teeth by bridging the gap between natural teeth or implants. Both treatments restore your smile, improve chewing and speaking abilities, and prevent issues like shifting teeth or TMJ disorders.

Dental Crown & Bridge Benefits

Dental crowns and bridges offer numerous benefits, including restoring proper eating and speaking abilities, enhancing oral health, improving digestion and nutrition, and preventing adjacent teeth from shifting. Even if a missing tooth isn’t immediately visible, it can greatly impact daily life. Crowns and bridges can help restore function and quality of life. Contact Smooth Dental to learn more and determine if crowns or bridges are right for you.

why might I need a Dental Crown or Bridge?

why might I need a Dental Crown or Bridge?

Impact on Smile Quality

Losing a tooth can significantly affect your smile, especially if it’s a front tooth. This can diminish your confidence and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Difficulty Eating

A missing tooth makes eating more difficult. You may struggle to chew food properly, leading to discomfort and potential dietary restrictions.


Increased Risk of Gum Disease

Food can become trapped in the gap left by a missing tooth, increasing the risk of gum disease. Proper dental care becomes harder to maintain, potentially leading to more oral health issues.


Stress on Adjacent Teeth

Adjacent teeth endure more stress to compensate for the missing tooth, increasing their risk of damage or wear. This can lead to further dental problems down the line.

Digestion and Nutrition

Missing teeth can impact digestion and nutrition. Improperly chewed food can lead to digestive issues and may prevent you from eating a balanced diet.

Bite and Speech Issues

Losing a tooth can cause adjacent teeth to shift, disrupting your natural bite alignment. This can also lead to speech issues, such as the development of a lisp.


Replacement or Repair with a Dental Crown or Bridge

Replacement or Repair with a
Dental Crown or Bridge

A dental bridge or crown is a common restoration used to replace one or more missing or damaged teeth. Typically made from ceramic, a fixed bridge includes a replacement tooth (pontic) attached to dental crowns on either side (abutment teeth), securely anchoring it in place to restore both function and aesthetics. Dental crowns cover and protect damaged teeth, enhancing their strength and appearance.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Placement for Dental Crown or Bridge

Placing a dental bridge typically involves two appointments. During the first appointment, the abutment teeth are prepared by removing a portion of the enamel under local anesthesia to ensure proper fitting. An impression of your mouth is taken and sent to a dental lab for custom restoration creation. At the second appointment, the bridge is checked for proper fit and bite alignment before being bonded into place.


Are Dental Crowns & Bridges Permanent?

Like dental implants and dentures, dental crowns and bridges are not susceptible to decay like natural teeth. However, proper care and maintenance are crucial. By brushing, flossing, and attending regular dental check-ups, your crown or bridge can last up to 15 years. While crowns and bridges do not decay, they can still experience damage such as chipping or cracking. If any damage occurs, contact Smooth Dental promptly for a replacement.

Did you know?

Fun Fact About Dental Bridges

Did you know that dental bridges date back to ancient civilizations? The ancient civilization of Etruscans, who lived in what is now Italy around 700 BC, were among the first to use gold wire and replacement teeth to create early versions of dental bridges. Even then, people recognized the importance of a complete smile!

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